What People Are Saying...

Michael McDonald
Eugene, Oregon

Excellent songwriting. Beautiful melodies. A must own.

Kathy Caba
Bend, Oregon

I really love your album—especially Stars in the Night and Wounded Heart (my favorite)!

Hung Chih Li
Eugene, Oregon

This is an Amazing CD!!! Absolutely Touching!!! It's a CD for revival of your heart!!!

Rose Boesl
Coos Bay, Oregon

I love hearing a variety of artists perform songs that have a similar theme—the encouragement and hope we can have in Christ amidst trying circumstances.

Kathy Ruckman
Eugene, Oregon

The first time I heard Keeper of Souls it felt like I was lifted to heaven with the wonderful harmony and pattern of the song. It made me feel so close to God. I also love Heaven's Mirror. Especially for young women, this song is significant, but also for all of us.

Connie Early
Eugene, Oregon

Many of the songs tug at the heart. I can't wait for the next CD to come out!

Kevin Blackwood
Eugene, Oregon

Very well crafted and professionally produced CD. Ruth Wood has a true knack for capturing the frailties of the human heart during one's difficult journey on this planet. I highly recommend her CD!

Markus Boesl
Coos Bay, Oregon

Excellent CD. I enjoy it tremendously. The songs are so uplifting and wonderful. Thank you very much.

Mike Edsall
Eugene, Oregon

Touching CD.

Denise Nash
Eugene, Oregon

Songs with a message to reach the heart of those who seek.

Dr. Katherine Noelling
Hamburg, Germany

Wir sind so beeindruckt und begeistert von Deiner CD. Es ist so eine schöne Musik und mir gefällt besonders die Vielfalt der Sänger - gute Idee!

Soenke Reimer-Boysen
Nuebel, Germany

Ich habe mir kürzlich auf der homepage von ruthwoodandfriends die Ausschnitte eurer Musik angehört. Sie hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen. Sie ist natürlich ganz anders als die Art von "Kirchenmusik", die wir in Deutschland gewohnt sind. Sie erscheint mir wesentlich zeitgemäßer, und ihr erreicht damit bestimmt auch junge Leute.

CD Art

Ruth, I really was blessed by your song, "Broken"! I found it to be very emotionally moving and obviously inspired by God! I would certainly encourage anyone who would like a deeper relationship with Christ to listen to it. Thank you for allowing Him to use you to reach a hurting world!

Charles V. Hayden, Songwriter