The Making of a CD by Ruth Wood

I never expected to be a songwriter. I didn't sing well—piano was my love. Life has a way of stimulating the muse, however.

As a young wife and mother, I often felt deeply inadequate and desperate for wisdom. Only on my knees before the Lord did I find my place of peace. Soon I wanted to comfort others with the comfort I'd received—by writing songs.

During the 80's, in the heyday of Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, our church band encouraged home-grown music, and my co-writer, Jeff Brock, gave me honest feedback with tons of encouragement. I learned the rudiments of the craft, gaining confidence. When Jeff died several years ago, the loss of my friend and mentor catapulted me into a long season of writer's block.

Unable to produce, I considered giving up songwriting, yet my desire to create music increased. I reflected on the Lord's work in my life over the past years. He dramatically worked in my marriage, provided strength to deal with hearing loss and chronic health problems, and saw me through the challenges of home schooling. I could no longer deny the compelling inner force pushing me onward.

At that point I committed myself wholeheartedly to the craft of songwriting. I read books on the subject, joined a songwriter's organization, and attended workshops. I wrote and re-wrote. Then a local artist recorded five of my tunes, one of which won an award. Now I was definitely motivated!

And I was ready to record my own CD.

I wanted various singers to interpret my music, but this was risky. From a marketing standpoint, concerts are where you typically sell CDs, but traveling with a large team of musicians was financially not feasible.

The internet opened up new possibilities. Marketing via website, internet radio, and an all-out grass roots campaign made a Christian studio band ala Alan Parsons Project possible.

I hired Neil Patton as my arranger, and we began the creative process of interpreting the music. Then I researched local talent, studios, and graphic artists and found a talented team of friends.

Eyes on You took four years to complete and required much waiting on the Lord, learning to trust Him and His timing. Repeatedly I relinquished my goals and surrendered the project into His hands, and the Lord proved faithful.

You, my listeners, were in my heart as I wrote this album. May Psalm 141:8 be your prayer also:

But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord;
in you I take refuge…

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CD Art

Ruth, I really was blessed by your song, "Broken"! I found it to be very emotionally moving and obviously inspired by God! I would certainly encourage anyone who would like a deeper relationship with Christ to listen to it. Thank you for allowing Him to use you to reach a hurting world!

Charles V. Hayden, Songwriter