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You long for deeper intimacy with your Lord. And life is hectic. But now a musical place of refuge takes you straight to the heart of Jesus. Lie down in green pastures and drink from still waters.

Eyes on You—a musical refuge in the midst of life's busyness.

1. This Blood (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
2. Palm of His Hand (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
3. Heaven's Mirror (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
4. Stars in the Night (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
5. Go For the Prize (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
6. Keeper of Souls (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
7. Mighty God (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
8. Eyes on You (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
9. Wounded Heart (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
10. Worship the King (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
11. Broken (128 kbps) (48 kbps)
12. Have Mercy (128 kbps) (48 kbps)

Free download of praise and worship song This Blood, including lead sheet and lyrics.

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Ruth, I really was blessed by your song, "Broken"! I found it to be very emotionally moving and obviously inspired by God! I would certainly encourage anyone who would like a deeper relationship with Christ to listen to it. Thank you for allowing Him to use you to reach a hurting world!

Charles V. Hayden, Songwriter