In The Studio

For those of you who want to get to know us better, here is more information than you probably care to read. But techies dying to know what instruments were used and how will find great stuff here. For the more relationally-minded, we've added detailed personal backgrounds not included in the Biography.

Personal: (Ruth Wood) I started piano lessons when I was ten and later majored in organ at Multnomah School of the Bible. For the past twenty years I've been involved with music at Emerald Bible Fellowship in Eugene, Oregon. In the early 80's, influenced by Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and groups like Maranatha, we began writing our own worship songs. Music is my way of ministering comfort and hope to others. (See story page.) I love the producing end of things too. It's so fun to work with all these talented musicians. My husband is a writer and our two boys are nearly grown.

Personal: (Neil Patton) Forced to study piano since the age of five, it took a while for it to sink in that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing this. It actually took discovering a songbook by my favorite rock band to make me realize that I could have just as much fun playing Mozart, Bach and Chopin as I did playing Elton John and Keith Green. Later discoveries of the music of Kansas/Kerry Livgren, Steve Morse, Iona and Phil Keaggy have only increased my desire to write and arrange music that combines the depth of art music with the accessibility of modern rock. After graduating from the University of Oregon School of Music in 1994, I moved into music ministry with my church, Emerald Bible Fellowship in Eugene, where I currently remain on staff. I married the beautiful and talented Cathy Lindquist (now Patton) in 1996, and we now have two wonderful and busy children, Corrie and Timothy. I teach piano privately from my home, and I try to do as many side projects (such as "Eyes on You") as I can. I released my first solo recording, "Horizon" in 1998. Cathy and I are currently preparing a new instrumental CD that we hope to release in 2005. If you'd like to contact us, send an e-mail to (our website is still currently being designed, but the e-mail works). We'd love to hear from you!
Instruments/Techniques: "Eyes on You" was arranged using an Apple Powermac G4 running MOTU's Digital Performer (for MIDI sequencing and audio demos) and Coda's Finale 2003 (for notation of charts and scores). The sequences were then transferred as Standard MIDI Files into Michael's legendary (or is "ancient" the word I'm looking for...) Atari computer, which ran things so smoothly, reliably and tightly I was a little jealous. Only a little. In synth-land, we used my trusty dusty Roland D-50, an Alesis QS7, and a Roland XV-5050. Some additional sampled strings and grand piano were recorded using Michael's PC running GigaSampler. Eugene's Faith Center provided the only "real" piano on the CD ("Broken" and "Have Mercy"), a brassy and bright Yamaha. Vocals provided by decaf "Constant Comment" tea with ample honey and lemon juice. We hope you like the results!

Personal: Dave Mertz—Camp Harlow Director, guitarist and songwriter.

Personal: Amy Weinkauf—worship leader and songwriter.

Personal: Brooks Rice—Faith Center college pastor.

Personal: Rachel Poetzl, college worship leader.

Personal: Liesel Alkire, singer songwriter, professional club performer.

Personal: Lisa Morton, Lisa's Flower Shop owner in Albany, Oregon.

Personal: Timani Reynolds studied classical voice performance at the University of Oregon, and graduated with honors in 2000. Performance credits include Principal Soloist with the Oregon Children's Choir, various University events, and the Eugene Opera Chorus. Her passion for music also lends to vocal jazz, classical piano, and songwriting. Timani is the Manager of Training and Development for the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband Mark and daughter Elliott.

Personal: (Lori Wike) I grew up singing in church. I attended Sheldon High School where I was in the choir and a member of special ensembles for 3 years. I sang in the Oregon All State Choir and graduated Outstanding Female Choir Student of the Year. I spent a year touring the Northwest with Pilgrimage from Northwest Christian College and the next part of the year singing in a Christian rock group called Christian Effects (XNFX). I studied voice for a year at NCC and at the University of Oregon. I had the opportunity to sing back up for Foreigner when they performed in Portland. I have sung the National Anthem for the National Pro Rodeo Association 12 times and competed in the National Country Music Showdown where I made it to the semifinals. Currently, I help lead worship at King's Grace Fellowship in Junction City where we worship for an HOUR on Sundays (how blessed am I?!). My Husband Rodger and I were married in 1986 and have a beautiful daughter who is 14. Last November I decided to pursue my secret dream of being a drummer and started taking lessons. In my "spare" time, I am a pediatric medical assistant for Dr. Tony Diehl.

Personal: Mike Edsall, Regional Coordinator for the Navigators, singer/songerwriter.

Personal: (Kevin Lemieux) I've been playing drums professionally since 1987. In 1988 I attended the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood California and graduated the following year. I moved back to Eugene to begin playing for Jesus (got saved in 1987) and have been playing drums for Eugene Faith Center ever since. My first "real" gig came when I played on Frank C's first album The Treasure. Then I helped to co-create the band Promise. We recorded two albums: Come While You Can and Believe Beloved. Since then I've focused on studio drumming and musical outreaches with the Faith Center worship team which included a three-week trip to the former Soviet Union in 91' and many church seminars all over Oregon. I've probably recorded 50 album projects: country, rock, and adult contemporary. In the mid 90's I recorded three albums for Reiko Uehara, a Japanese, Christian singer from Okinawa, Japan, and played two subsequent tours. In recent years, I recorded two country albums with Parker and Cropper, which garnered extensive European airplay and ECMA awards. I've also enjoyed recording commercial jingles and several recording projects with Michael Charles at Syntharts Studios. Currently I'm finishing up my masters degree in marriage and family therapy at George Fox University. I've been married for 12 years to an awesome woman named Julie and have a terrific cat, Louis (C.S. Lewis). I write a little and share none. My dream is to become a famous singer. Maybe in heaven…
Instruments/Techniques: Standard drums, electronic drums

Personal: Tom Teutsch has played with numerous artists in the Northwest beginning with a Christian funk-pop group called Versus, formed in 1986. Versus toured primarily around the West Coast for the next 7 years, put out 3-albums and signed with Starsong records in 1992. While working with Versus, Tom recorded and performed with several other artists and bands, primarily in the Portland area including: Linn, Tracy Klas, Todd Michaels, Years to Come, Scott James, Bonnie Knopf, Bartholomew, The Greenidge Family, Portland Mass Choir, New Song Vocal Band, Steve Swanson, Dan & Georgine Rice, as well as participating in worship at many local churches - Portland Foursquare, New Hope, South Lake Foursqure, New Song, Mt. Scott Church of God, Eugene Faith Center. Tom's session work led to T.V. and film work with a renowned Northwest composer and film-scorer, Greg Ives (Aurastan Music). Eventually, Tom and his wife moved to Springfield where he currently works with Shelley James Musicbox, Syntharts Studios (Michael C. McDonald), and is involved in worship at Eugene Christian Fellowship. Though he loves playing the guitar, Tom is a songwriter at heart and is developing material for his own instrumental CD.
Instruments/Techniques: On this project Tom used the following electric guitars: (a) Tom Anderson Guitarworks custom Hollow Drop-Top - strat-style guitar with standard tremolo, (b) Tom Anderson Guitarworks custom Drop Top - strat-style guitar with standard tremolo, (c) Kramer Focus customized with EMG pickups and a Roland GK2A hexaphonic pickup (to drive the Roland VG-8). Acoustic & Acoustic/Electric Guitars: (a) Tacoma PM-20E steel-string acoustic with Fishman Prefix piezo pickup system, b) Godin Multiac SA, nylon-string acoustic/electric. Tom's Processing: (a) The Tacoma was recorded using a combination of the direct signal from the Fishman Prefix and a Studio Logic C3 microphone, (b) All other guitars were run through a Radial JDV direct box, then through a Roland VG-8 to produce all of the amplifier simulations and effects. No amplifiers were needed to record the guitars - all sounds were recorded direct from the VG-8.

Personal: (Pat Brand) My musical background: Orchestra (String Bass), Choirs (vocal Jazz choir in college), I was a voice major in college, electric bass from 8th grade until now! I've worked as a recording engineer for the last 25 years; done live sound for 25 years. Currently I play Bass in a church worship band at Eugene Faith Center and the New Day church. Until recently I worked in the Audio/DVD department (8 years) at Sony Disc Manufacturing (until they closed).
Instruments/Techniques: Bass Guitar: 4 string fretted Pedulla MVP bass (used on the more up tempo tunes) and 5 String fretless F Bass Alain Caron Model (used on the ballads).

Upright Bass: Mark Schneider, regular performer with Don Latarsky at the Eugene Electric Station.

Cello: Dale Bradley, studio session player.

Saxophone: James Jones, Worship Pastor.

Flute: Cathy Patton, flute instructor, Neil's better half.

Choir: Steve Maricle, composer/arranger, choir director at First Baptist.
CD Art

Ruth, I really was blessed by your song, "Broken"! I found it to be very emotionally moving and obviously inspired by God! I would certainly encourage anyone who would like a deeper relationship with Christ to listen to it. Thank you for allowing Him to use you to reach a hurting world!

Charles V. Hayden, Songwriter